Our professional staff are multilingual to increase cultural sensitivity and respect among our clients.

We determine your care needs and preferences first. 

Before we deliver our home care services, our care coordinators collaborate with our clients and their families to conduct an assessment of the client’s care needs and preferences, considering how they want the care to be provided. We conduct two types of assessments:

Non-medical assessments are conducted to find clients’ functioning capabilities, to identify their needs, and to determine what services are required to assist them to attain and maintain optimum independence.

Nursing assessments are an expanded version of the non-medical assessment as they more thoroughly examine and identify health conditions, levels of care required, and appropriate medical interventions. If indicated, coordination of care with other health professionals can be arranged.

In both situations, our care assessors may review subsidization possibilities, develop care plans, make referrals, and arrange for service delivery schedules according to the clients’ wishes.


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